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Unohditko salasanasi?
Päävalikko -> Fastball average?
mphilippe / 17.08.2008 12:09:33
What is the average fastball speed in the SM-Liiga? What kind of pitches can be seen in this league?
12 / 18.08.2008 18:27:07
average is low 70s, best ones low 80s. 2- & 4-seem fastball, change up, curve, slider, split, knuckle and probably cut fastball.
Finnblue / 18.08.2008 21:14:29
... and any kind of scuffed baseball you can imagine.

Leary / 19.08.2008 01:04:26
We also have alot of bad pitches, and occasionally even some good pitches (although usually the umpires call those ones as balls, the blind bastards)