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Unohditko salasanasi?
Päävalikko -> Where to buy MLB gear?
mphilippe / 03.06.2009 16:39:07
Is it possible to buy MLB gear from somewhere in Helsinki? At least, to buy caps?

Also, where do the players in Finland find their gloves and other playing gear? I have not been able to find any stores that caters to that and it would be nice to pay a visit to such a place sometime!
Krisu / 04.06.2009 14:29:40
There`s a shop called "Tetuan", it`s in the center of Helsinki in the "city-käytävä". The entrance to this is opposite Stockmann main entrance. You can find caps from all sorts of MLB teams there. They used to have jerseys, too, but not anymore. They might be able to order some if you ask...
There`s no other shop I know of, where MLB stuff is sold.

Baseball gear is ordered via internet mostly.